Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cancer charities that suck

Even though a part of me doubts that you can actually BEAT cancer (since it's just the body's normal cell replication gone awry) it's still probably a good idea to donate to all the cancer charities.
However, we should always be mindful of their overhead - a charity that needs to take 25% of your donation to pay for salaries, or more, isn't doing a good job. Occasionally, the ones with the biggest marketing campaigns actually donate the smallest percentage to their charity (even if they do raise more per capita).
So how do they check out? Here's what Charity Navigator says about some poor performers (out of 4 stars)

Shitty charities
Cancer Fund of America - 0 stars
Israel Cancer Association USA - 0 stars
American Institute for Cancer Research - 1 star
American Breast Cancer Foundation - 1 star

And some good ones:
American Cancer Society - 3 stars
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute - 4 stars
ASCO Cancer Foundation - 4 stars


shesthesheriff said...

For all the advertising that these charities do, you see very little effort on their part to educate people on how lifestyle choices can affect your health. Thats always kind of not sit well with me. It doesn't take a lot of effort, and its not being preachy to say, that diets rich in fruits and vegetables can help prevent cancer, and processed foods high in chemicals may cause cancer. Although technically there may not be 'proof' of this, there is enough data to support these kinds of claims, and its far more reasonable to take this approach of preventive education than to hope for some pie in the sky wonder drug that will cure all cancer.

Zeyev said...

As a cancer survivor (diagnosed in 1988 - on the Ides of March), I have a slightly different perspective than some other people.

It's personal and not overly rational but I got terrible treatment when I called the American Cancer Society chapter after my diagnosis. All I wanted was some information on my type and some direction on what to do. No empathy, no information. It was dreadful.

I hope others have had better treatment.