Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The U.S. is freakin crazy about landmines...

... which sucks.

U.S. won't join landmine ban, administration decides

My guess is because we're a global leader in landmine manufacturing. And here's a little bit more about WHY it sucks so hard.


shesthesheriff said...

Perhaps we could put those robotic mouse toys to good use here.

Yeah well you hit it right on the head with this brief analysis, no way are they going to cock block the companies that make these things.

Too bad, I wish the US would start signing some treaties ova hea!!

theFreakinGuy said...

Thank you for your blog, Land mine policy sucks as do war profiteers!
FYI-I found your post because you used "freakin" in your url. I'm creating the FreakinUniverse: a Freakin® multimarket brand network.
A link to "The U.S. is freakin crazy about landmines...", is now posted to "Portal to All That Is Freakin".

shesthesheriff said...

You should demand your own constellation and roving space station. Millennium Falcon rentals!!!