Saturday, November 14, 2009

This beer sucks

So we all love the MGD 64 Light ads, but the beer?
Watery badness. Tastes like fizzy water with a single hops flower dipped in for .5 seconds.
Still, it goes down easy, and it's cheap. Maybe good for an after work beer when no one is around to scoff.


shesthesheriff said...

Whoah. These ads take being a light beer pussy to a whole new stage. I think we can say manliness is truly dead. The name is too long too. They tried too hard to make it sound like a computer and handgun simultaneously.

I'd rather be tubby and happy drinking the obscure and highly caloric beer brewed by satanic monks in a cave in Southwest Belgium.

Jonathan Rubin said...

Satanic monks DO make the best shit....