Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Important questions people ask Google

Dianna just showed me this. I can't believe how entertaining this is...

Go to Google and type in the beginning of a question: Why is, why are, etc. It will show the results of other questions people have asked recently.
My favorite: "Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch?"


Jess said...

Ha I love that feature too. Google makes me smile.

shesthesheriff said...

I got the dead pakistani one too.

Anonymous said...

ok...wrote a post and it denied me.

Anyway, just spent some time reading and only commenting now since I started cracking up alone in my office with this one. My co-workers think I'm nuts and they are correct.

Thank you for providing me with entertainment for the rest of my Friday and then some.

Much love! -Liz