Thursday, November 5, 2009

Her Majesty, or, "What's Wrong With This Ad?"

I'm sure Sandra Robinson is an excellent lawyer. She may even be a "Super Lawyer," as she confidently claims.
However, she may want to rethink her marketing slogan:

"Queen of Malpractice"

Is this a good idea, even a little bit? The "Queen of Malpractice" sounds like a scary, scalpel-wielding M.D. who happens to be the sister of the Black Widow.
Man, if I saw someone called the "Queen of Malpractice"coming my way I would be hightailing it out of there.


Ilan Goodman said...

Ha Ha! Maybe she is an expert at committing malpractices.

shesthesheriff said... someone advancing a bogus malpractice suit it would be desirable for attorney to have even less shame than they do.