Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bishop in RI holds back communion from Kennedy

WOW..... as in... wow.

Bishop bars Patrick Kennedy from Communion over abortion

Kennedy is sort of a so-so congressman by RI standards, but we also kinda love him, like we'd love a troublesome, Dennis-the-Menace sorta nephew who is still good to his momma. But this is ridiculous, sad, and really damning. So he can't WORSHIP because of his beliefs? Isn't that between him and Jesus? Aren't the days of religious institutions excommunicating people over?
And if not, shouldn't they be?


shesthesheriff said...

(big surpise) I'm a huge PK fan. Poor guy-he got the 'Irish Drunk' gene in spades.

How deplorable-in the words Brak's father 'The Bishop is a fool.'

I know you've got mixed feelings about Richard Dawkins but his views on the return of religious extremism in the developed world would seem to be pretty relevant here. It pisses me off big time that this can happen at all--but especially in a blue state.

Jess said...

To explain a little Catholic doctrine to maybe help make sense of it:

In the Catholic Church, you can't receive communion if you've committed a mortal sin (aka supporting abortion, committing murder, adultery, etc. etc.). You can still go to church and participate in the entire Mass, you just can't receive communion. The idea being you are supposed to be in a pure state when you take communion.

Ilan Goodman said...

The whole thing is ridiculous, but it's between the cOngressman and his Church. The RI bishop is a dick for taking it to the media. Doesn't that violate the whole relationship between you and your spiritual leader? How can you even trust someone like that?

But Jon, how is PK only a so-so congressman by RI standards? He's got name recognition, is the scion to a political dynasty and is on the appropriations committee. Not too shabby, despite the drinks and drugs. But whatevs--it's only RI.

shesthesheriff said...


If supporting an act that the church sees as a mortal can get you banned from communion, then why couldn't someone who is pro war denied as well?

It sounds like a stretch, but consider that anti war people consider the Nisour Sq. massacre et. al as an act of mass murder on the governments dime. In my eyes there would be no difference between supporting the perceived 'murder' of an unconscious fetus and the government's right to 'murder' innocent civilians via drone attacks etc. What about pro death penalty activists?

This bishop has chosen to grandstand on this issue, and he's not the first to do it in this exact way. It isn't exactly a news flash that there's tons of corruption and immorality in the Catholic Church, and you have to think that this clown has other motives/aspirations here than promoting a black and white morality.

shesthesheriff said...

Actually let me clarify, as a pro choicer I would see a difference between slaughtering innocent civilians and abortion---the point I was making was if you see human life as beginning with conception than you wouldn't see the two as disparate.

Jess said...


I think in the eyes of the Catholic Church, that's all wrong too and those people should probably be treated the same way if we're going for equality in laying out punishment.

I think you're right though, I think there is a bit of grandstanding going on here. PK is a public official who supported a belief against the Church's. It's easy to tell him he can't receive communion. I'm sure there's plenty of private individuals in the congregations at churches all over the world that support beliefs that would get them banned if people know about them, but because they're private individuals, no one does.

@Ilan - The article says PK took it to the media first. Tobin was kind of surprised it happened. He had wanted to keep it private. Directly from the article:
"'I am disappointed that the congressman would make public my request of nearly three years ago that sought to provide solely for his spiritual well-being, he said."

shesthesheriff said...

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Jonathan Rubin said...

best thread ever