Friday, October 23, 2009

Ted Kennedy at Arlington Cemetery

I'm really, really lucky to live within walking distance of Arlington National Cemetery, America's most famous resting place for members of the Armed Forces. I went recently with friends, and I checked out the recent gravesite of Sen. Ted Kennedy.
Growing up in New England, to me Ted was almost like a political superhero. I didn't really know too much about him or his policies, but I knew we were really, really lucky to have him in our backyard.
And now, strangely, he's in my backyard again. Is that a grim observation, or poetic? I can't tell.
In any case, here are some pics of the gravesite. He's buried at the foot of the hill where JFK is buried. Robert F. Kennedy is at the foot as well, and both his and Ted's graves are identical and understated - a simple white cross and a floor marker (click to enlarge the bottom photo).


shesthesheriff said...

When you stop by Senator Kennedy's grave to pay your respects, just make sure you are properly dressed according to this seasons fashion--Rubin is hiding behind a tree with his camera and HE WILL OUT YOU BITCH!!

Jonathan Rubin said...

I think I'm doing the Lord's work. Plus, there ARE signs that you are supposed to maintain dignity and respect at all times, and can you possibly do that in a Dethklok T-shirt or in Crocs. I will begrudgingly accept $$ from People magazine for my hard work, BTW.