Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Muliye Gurmu, I'm sorry

I wasn't suprised when I heard that the woman who placed first in DC's 22,000 Marine Corp Marathon was Ethiopian, since it seems that East Africans have this stuff in the bag. However, the Post's comment that Muliye Gurmu:

"...usually only competes in races with cash prizes, but entered Sunday's race as a favor to [her trainer] Bozgoz, who was in the Army"...

left me feeling... petty. My mature reaction was, "Ohhh... thanks so much for honoring us with your presence, Ms. Gurmu. I know you usually only do this for the money, so thanks for brining your $100,000 feet onto the road with the rest of us plebians." (Well, not me since I didn't run it, but the actual athletes)

I brought this up to an active runner friend of mine, and she told me that for many Ethiopians races are their sole source of income. So, like, they need to run to survive, to eat and to pay bills. I found this pretty shocking.

So, Muliye Gurmu, I'm sorry I talked some trash aboutcha.


Zeyev said...

You said 88,000. Did you mean 22,000 runners?

Jonathan Rubin said...

Thanks. Made that change in the first graf.