Thursday, October 29, 2009

How quickly we forget... Susan Boyle

Remember Susan Boyle? The matronly sleeper-hit of some British sing-song show?
I do, but barely. She doesn't get the headlines, or the eyeballs.
I was so moved by her performance that I became a fan of her on Facebook, and I've been steadily losing interest and caring less and less about her exploits, even though I think she's great and I'm happy I know about her.
And it's interesting to see the numbers of people commenting on her FB messages generally decreasing, as if she's become someone we invited to a party on impulse, and is slowly losing their appeal by trying to sell us shower curtain rings....


shesthesheriff said...

The new pic is classic. Eh-I don't think any of the new singers really have any staying power because all the Idol and Got Talent crowd are doing is rehashing other peoples work and adding sweeteners. In a way what they are doing resembles more of an athletic endeavor. If you've got the pipes and the stage presence, you can rock one of those shows pretty easily. People go on and on about how this singer has soul blah blah but isn't soul about creating your own thing and departing from established norms? Stevie Wonder isn't up on stage singing Al Green covers.

My point I guess is the reason people are losing interest in SB is that they are obsessed with the competition and drama aspect of her sudden fame but care little (and why should they) about someone who is basically a broadway singer who brings nothing new and innovative to the table.

shesthesheriff said...

It's now almost 11 on Monday morning and I see no new posts. Stop doing your job that pays you and do something that entertains me!!!