Tuesday, October 6, 2009

GSA and Rhode Island

GSA continues to surprise me. It's everywhere. It has almost eerily followed me throughout my life, too. Observe:

5 years ago today

Conimicut Light becomes the 18th lighthouse in the nation, and the second in
New England, to be transferred from federal to local ownership. Officials of
the Department of Interior, the Coast Guard and the General Services Administration came to Warwick to formally transfer title to the city, which
intends to restore the structure and eventually open it to visitors interested
in local history. The 58-foot light marks Conimicut Shoal, in the northern
reaches of Narragansett Bay at the entrance to the Providence River. The
119-year-old light -- directly off Conimicut Point -- is instantly recognized
by just about every Warwick resident.


shesthesheriff said...

I was there at the ribbon cutting ceremony, here's an excerpt from one of the speeches:

This lighthouse is facken, facken uh, not controlled by the feds no moa, kid. Yah, you can get ova hea from 95, the easiest way is you take exit 10 right>?, go straight through the facken light, take a right at the quiznos, and you'll see it comin up on the left. So like, I'm gonna come here all the time and burn up before work, I'll facken be hea all the time if any a you guys need a bag.

Melissa. said...

yeah, wicket frickin weeyahd.

shesthesheriff said...

Melissa, I take umbrage at your offensive comments towards Rhode Islanders.