Monday, October 26, 2009

Chirp chirp

This incredible video by the great folks at TED shows up how good and bad sounds effect and impact our lives.
Most interesting to me if when he says that bird song calms us physiologically because we have been trained for thousands of years to equate birds singing with the absence of danger. It's when birds stop singing that we get nervous. "It's quiet... too quiet..."
If this is true, than this might be the best thing ever - streams of bird song, 24 hours a day.
I actually feel like I'm sitting in a park when I hear this...


Zeyev said...

While I love to heard birds while I'm outside, I think the bird sounds (to which I'm listening right now) would drive me even battier were I to listen them through my computer for more than a few minutes. The exception that proves the rule?

Jonathan Rubin said...

"Zeyev" - nothing on earth could possibly make you any battier :)