Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We need cats to live

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate cats. I'm very allergic to them. They ruined most of my childhood by making sure my days and nights were laced with Albuterol inhalers and steroid medications.
And they seem to know I hate them, and give me extra attention out of spite.
But, it turns out I should be nicer to these felines. Because having cats around can help prevent nasty things, like... oh I don't know... The Black Plague.

From Wikipedia: The persecution of cats in Europe is often overlooked as a contributing factor in the spread of plague. In years prior to the outbreak, cats had been vilified and slain in mass, due to their growing popular association with Satan and witches. Pope Gregory IX declared cats' association with the devil in the early 1200s. The mass slaughter of cats preceding the arrival of infected rats greatly reduced a potential predator of the rat, allowing rat populations to flourish unnaturally.

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shesthesheriff said...

You've been cheesing again, haven't you.