Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mulletsgalore.... is no more

As a senior in college back in the late 90's, some cool fellow turned me on to this new trend called "Laughing at people with mullets." There was only one site of any reputation to document this greasy phenomenon - Mulletsgalore.com.
Sadly, I just learned today this great site, which coined the terms "femullet" (women with mullets) amongst many others, has shut down.
Please bow your rat's nests for a moment of silence.


shesthesheriff said...

I will always remember this site as one of the great titans of the early days of the internet, along with world traveler and casanova Mahir.

However from the looks of it mullets galore shut down over 8 years ago. He seems to have stopped updating his newer site walletsgalore.com shortly thereafter.

Some of my favorite terms from mullets galore were 'molester mustache' and 'mulletard'.

Jonathan Rubin said...

And "mulletia"

Jim Metz said...

I love how the mullets were rated on "aggressiveness" and "multitude"