Thursday, September 3, 2009

It might be uncool to bash Wal-Mart patrons this way...

There's something sorta unsavory about the new Wal-Mart gawking site - People of Wal-Mart.
But it doesn't hit you right away. For a while it's fun - look at these crazy critters!
But then when you look at the Facebook page, you see what the site truly is - a place to mock poor people. Poor, and generally fairly unattractive people who probably don't want to be documented and mocked by 20-somethings when they buy groceries.
There are some mentally unstable people too.
So, yes, it's tough not to browse the site, but I feel really guilty anyway.


shesthesheriff said...

You shouldn't feel bad for gawking at the wal mart site.

Yah there are unfortunate souls but taking the long view Wal Mart is a symbol of the crappy state in which the country is in, which, you have to laugh at it or you'll go insane.


bmanic said...

It might be uncool? These are simply pictures. YOU are the one who pointed out "Poor, and generally fairly unattractive people who probably don't want to be documented and mocked by 20-somethings when they buy groceries."

First of all, you can be "poor" and well kept. You can also have a brain in your head to realize WalMart is NOT the cheapest place to shop. With the exception of 5-6 grocery items I generally shop for, I can make my money go farther at Kroger and anyone else that says they can't hopefully isn't raising a family (because they're too stupid too). These are mindless idiots supporting a greed-based conglomerate who has convinced them (they're mindless remember) that they'll save money. Maybe 15% of the people that go in WalMart are...normal, the rest will step over a dollar to get to a dime because they don't have the ability to see the truth or think for themselves. Even in spite of that, you don't feed a business monster like WalMart without other social-economic compromises. Falling for such myths comes at too high of a price. That's why there's such a large number of disfunctional people at WalMart and when you herd that type of community together everyone else suffers in the wake of their moronic decisions. Take their pictures and exploit them for the fools THEY choose to allow themselves to be. BTW, I'm not rich, I'm unemployed and the LAST place I would work is WalMart. WalMart IS a reflection of what our society has become. Broken, downtrodden and pathetic (but we'll keep it up and continue feeding the machine so we can save that mythical $.03). WalMart, dumming you down today for they're more prosperous tomorrow.