Sunday, September 20, 2009

I killed the environment

I didn't mean to... I was just trying to overcome my Jewish handicap - a.k.a. having asthma.
So I went to get my inhaler prescription refilled, and instead of the regular $10 it was THIRTY FRICKIN DOLLARS. I naturally assumed the drug companies were shaking me down for some reason, like because I was alive or something.
I asked my cousin the pharmacist and he said:

Yes they replaced generic Albuterol with Proair, which is the same but does not have the ozone repellent in it so it is environmentally safe. You are correct it is more money until the generic comes out. Also, it should weigh less b/c that ozone propellant had weight to it.

OK, so maybe I have some apologies to make. Ever since I was in fourth grade I have been slinging inhalers around, and puffing like a magic dragon. Every time I did so, I get I was slowly thinning the ozone layer. I chose myself over Captain Planet. Sorry - put that global warming stuff on my tab.


shesthesheriff said...

I knew your asthma would turn out to be a major liability. Lucky for you this new inhaler has come out.

By the way here is what your tab looks like now.

-1 Box Ms. USA Cleaners No. 2 Pencils.
-Sabotaged (with diet coke) calculator at MS. USA cleaners.
-Global Warming

Jonathan Rubin said...

The framed me for that calculator, dammit. And you forgot the broken 10-foot fluorescent bulb I shattered with a broom.

Pam said...

Shame on you.