Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ethical seafood

Inspired by my friend Melissa's great food blog, and a superb Rosh Hashanah meal Dianna and I went to at Hudson, I wanted to share this guide that helps you pick out fish to eat, either at restaurants or at the supermarket, that:
  • are sustainable and spawn quickly
  • are low in PCBs
  • create minimal environmental impact
Here's a printable version as well.

In summary, the best seafood products are:
Barramundi, U.S.-farmed
Clams, Mussels, and Oysters, farmed
Mahimahi, pole- and troll-caught
Salmon, Alaska wild
Tilapia, U.S.-farmed

Ones to avoid:
Atlantic Bluefin Tuna - a sushi favorite :(
Atlantic Cod
Atlantic Halibut
Caviar from wild-caught sturgeons
Chilean Sea Bass - it's really called the Toothfish!
Orange Roughy
Salmon, farmed
Shrimp, imported


Melissa. said...

Wowie zowies! I'm an inspiration!

shesthesheriff said...

All seafood is gross. It smells like the inside of a human body!