Monday, September 28, 2009

D&D soda and catch up

  • If D&D can release a beverage, a la Halo 3, doe that make it cool? Or a desperate attempt to snag more quarters out of geeks?
  • If I let someone cut in front of me when I'm driving, why is it so crucially important that they give me the "thanks" wave? If the don't, I'm like furious and want a safe to fall on their car. is this normal?
  • Apparently, you can sometimes take expired prescription drugs, although they do lose their potency (like Z-PAC antibiotics). My pharmacy cuz said that the molecules of the meds do actually break down over time, but it's often better than nothing. Exposure to moisture will speed this the hell up (so don't keep important meds in the bathroom). Also, I had always wondered what the difference between prescription iduprofen and the over the counter stuff is. The answer: prescription stuff is just like 3 or 4 regular pills. Tada!


shesthesheriff said...

The D+D soda would be mega-cool if the product actually did what the label said. Since its soda which is crappy for you I think its lame.

I'm bummed that mass geek branding is here to stay-I liked it better when the only people marketing to me were Nintendo and Sega.

shesthesheriff said...

I let some guy cut in front of me today, and he flashed the peace sign. At first I was pleased with his courteousness. After wards I thought about it differently and realized that what he had really done was given me the finger twice-so fast that it looked like 2 fingers. Fortunately a safe did fall on top of his car so all ended well.