Sunday, August 2, 2009

World peace through MSG

I probably cannot be convinced that MSG is good for you, even if there are some rigorous debate.
But its likely addictive properties are what interests me.
If you can keep people coming back to something, think of what you can accomplish:

1. Use MSG to get kids to eat healthy veggies!
2. Get political foes (i.e. Israelis and Palestinians) to talk by putting MSG-laded food near the opposition. They'll find they can't stop going back!

The opportunities are endless! Just have lots of water around to counteract the salt overdose.


George said...

This is classic Rubin. 'Just give the terrorists (Rubin wait) FREE VEGGIE DOGS--am I right?'

Dianna said...

You forgot the 'Think about it (Rubin wait). Think about it.'

Jonathan Rubin said...

You'll be sorry when I'm Prime Minister of earth...