Saturday, August 29, 2009

Things I poo-pooed that I later loved

Dianna has been hounding me to write this entry, so, my dear, here you are:

From time to time on this crazy, spinning world of ours, I make up my mind to hate something that I know absolutely nothing about. It feels good to dig your heels in, and having strong opinions lets you know that you're alive, dammit.

So here are some things that I hated without reservation, only to find later that I really, really liked them:

1. Facebook
Reasons for hating:
"I don't want people to know all this stuff about me"
"I don't wanna jump on this trendwagon"
"I'm too cool for this social networking crap"
"I don't have time for this"
"I'd get too obsessed and spend all my time there"
Reasons for loving:
It helps me reconnect with folks
I learn about cool trends, aps, websites and news
It's a supeb time-waster
It's fun

2. Brazillian Steak Houses
Reasons for hating:
No idea, really - it just seemed different and weird and too meaty, somehow
Reasons for loving:
The food is incredible
It's "ADD Dining" - you always have something to focus on
It's like a video game, with the goal as attracting the guys with the best meats and avoiding the guy with the bacon-wrapped chicken

There are probably countless more, but that's what I've got this morning.


Anonymous said...

"It's like a video game, with the goal as attracting the guys with the best meats..."

I'm just going to let that one speak for itself.

shesthesheriff said...

Actually this sounds like one of those elaborate descriptions from the 80's designed to trick kids into thinking that their new game for their 4 bit coleco vision actually has a much more complex plot. "OK, this indiscernible shape here, this is the evil lord of bacon wrapped chicken! Move the joystick to the right to dodge his flying bacon bits of doom"

More to the point, with the exception of District 9, Bioshock and the Elder Scrolls games, you should wait a minimum of 5-10 years after something is cool to like it.

Zeyev said...

What you're saying is that you're normal. Sort of. And I'm glad Dianna forced you into a confession.

Nearly everybody resists change or the new until he/she has a chance to see that it can be all right.

As long as we remain open to the possibility of change and do not reject everything merely because it's new, a little reluctance to embrace the trendy immediately can be healthy.

In other words, take a deep breath and you'll be OK. :-)

Ilan Goodman said...

"The worst part of an argument is when you realize you are wrong"

Also, the bacon wrapped chicken is full of tasty goodness.

Dianna said...

You forgot about candy corn, squash and anything flavored coconut. AND your new favorite food: mochi!

Anonymous said...

What about the converse?

Things you ate, and then "poo-pooed"... like sliders from the Castle.

Toilet humor rocks!