Thursday, July 16, 2009

You put a man on the moon? Well what have you done for me lately?

This article at the Pew Research Center hits the nail on the head - young people aren't impressed with sending people into space to hop around on the moon / do loops in a rocket.
At all.
And I'm in this category most of the time. As I understand it, it is ridiculously expensive to put people in space. if there is research to be done out there, send probes and robots.
I heard it costs 10x as much to send a person into space as a robot. And why are we using 1960's technology to do these little jaunts? If we held back and invested money into some real tech, perhaps we could stop young people from yawning....

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George said...

Agreed. There's something intrinsically soporific about all footage/discussion of the original moon landing.

We should probably have some weapons in place to destroy large asteroids that could potentially collide with earth, but after that I think the space program is worthless.