Friday, July 31, 2009

World's Greatest Curmudgeon

I have an office workmate (friend?) who is my conservative sparring partner. We love to bring in news clips and bait each other.
However, sometimes he seemed to be getting a little into the antagonism, and it was getting tiresome of arguing policy with no-one ever winning.
So I proposed an idea - "Make a Point / Yield a Point." Example:

1. Jon's make a point: People who still don't believe Obama is an American are idiots (i.e. the birth certificate nonsense)
2. Jon's yield a point: None of the current health care proposals Obama is laying out seems even close to fixing the problem

Seemed like a great way to have a conversation, perhaps for each side to learn something and become less one-sided.
Except he didn't want to play.
For him, life was all about winning, not learning or ceding. To me, this was a tad on the fanatical side, kind of scary, and even a little bit sad.
Fortunately, it was also comical - as we walked home from work in the rain, I offered him part of me umbrella. He turned it down - "I won't melt," he said.
He wouldn't even accept dryness from me. Wow.


Dianna said...

"You liberals and your umbrellas. When I was your age, we walked up hills both ways in a monsoon."

George said...

The public option seemed like a good idea--until the other dems started hatin. Max Baucus=big time tool.