Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The way we were....

When grad school at Medill began we had to sign waivers allowing them to use our likeness in ads.
And behold!
This ad was in the back of our Alumni marketing book.
It's us in the downtown Chicago newsroom. At the front are our esteemed profs, Marcel "Inappropriate" Pacette and Steve "Serious" Duke.
There are also some other very important people:
  • Notice the gent in the blue shirt at the center. I appear to be wearing a dress shirt for some reason - I must have had an interview that day, because otherwise I'd be rocking a European-ly small T-shirt. Notice, briefly, what appears to be a bald spot. Then look away.
  • See the cute blonde chick to my right? That's my girlfriend Dianna. It's strange to see us back then, before we actually started going out. We sat together as much as we could. She was far and away the cutest / coolest girl in my grad school class, but I admit I was a tad intimidated by her mad smarts / mad snark. And here we are, more than a year later, back in DC and slugging it out with the media / the U.S. Federal government. This picture was before student loans, before I got stressed out planning a graduation party for my family, before jobs and many other milestones. I met her on the first day and liked her immediately. During this period we wrote, bitched and, most important, drank like journalists. I've learned so many things about myself since then... It's been transformative, really. Besides student loans, a degree and a sweet job, I also got a sweet girl out of it. Hey - I should shill for our grad school program ($100 an hour - CV available upon request).
  • At the back of the room is our friend Jess. Jess immediately reminded me of Dianna, and it took some months to get them to hang out. Now they are weird doppleganger Midwestern twins, somehow separated at birth and reunited in the newsroom.
  • On the bottom left is our dear Greg Trotter, who somehow knew how to look interested and completely checked out at the same time.
  • In the upper left is Dave, who is doing his classic "I'm both really interested and really distracted" ADD / Red Bull pose. Two seconds after this, he probably asked a very loud and animated question that got tons of laughs.


Dianna said...

It's not a bald spot. You just use too much hair gel.

Pam said...

You're famous!!!

Marcel said...

how do you spell your favorite professor's surname?

medill F!

swiss family rubin will hear about this!