Monday, July 27, 2009

A rifle in every home...

Regarding the endless gun control bickering:
Personally, I think we could honor the Constitution AND common sense by allowing people to have rifles in their homes.
No handguns, no assault rifles, but plain-old rifles, which can't be easily concealed or used to rob other people. You keep your family safe, and other people are safe from wingnuts packing heat.
Now let's work on more important problems.
Also, here's another look at the whole issue: Arm the Senate!


George said...

Kind of sad to use this tragic story to illuminate a point--but boxer Vernon Forrest was just killed after pulling out his hand gun and pursuing a guy who robbed him at a gas station. Apparently he confronted the robber, I guess with his gun drawn, and for some reason, maybe he thought the situation was diffused, turned his back on the robber who then opened fire.

Personally this is one reason I would never consider owning a handgun. Most criminals are not out to get you and your loved ones-they just want you to give them your money. When you decide to pull out your piece there's a much greater chance that you'll end up in the morgue. When you consider the trade off between your life, and the 2 $20 bills in your wallet, or even a duffel bag full of stuff stolen from your living room, the John Wayne option becomes less appealing.

The thing that I find funny is that the highest levels of NRA membership/advocacy exist in parts of the country that are largely unaffected by gun violence. For example, when was the last time you heard of a pro gun rally in Baltimore, Detroit, Oakland, etc? People who live in these areas, and either live by the gun or are around people with guns on a daily basis, know that more guns and gun rights is a dumb idea.

Jonathan Rubin said...

I like your point about Detroit. I did a cursory gun search and I found these:

Have no idea how this compares to other cities, tho.

George said...

Yah-not saying there aren't right wing gun nuts in every corner of the country who get together to discuss the second amendment over chilled monkey brains...just that you never see public rallies promoting gun ownership in areas that actually have high homicide rates. (by the way the domain name is for sale for any RoW readers looking for a good band name)