Sunday, July 26, 2009

My take on the Post's Sunday stories

1. Two stories on health care: Costs and Treatment quality
At this point, everyone on earth is frustrated by this painfully slow slog towards health care reform. Either Republican interference, Democratic incompetence or the sheer complexity of the issue has undermined the desire to get something new, now. At this point, I want to stop hearing about it, no matter how important I think reform is. Confidence is change is low nationally. I think we screwed this one up. (Story)

2. Cops, A Black Harvard Professor and Obama
I think everyone blew it on this one. Here's what happened:
1. Nosy / conscientious / racist neighbor calls cops because black man appears to be breaking into a house
2. Cops ask Gates to provide ID
3. Gates freaks out, acts like a jerk, gets arrested
4. Media basically blames cops
5. Everyone blames the cops for 5 seconds
6. Obama blames the cops without thinking
7. Everyone realizes the cops were OK and blames Gates
8. Obama offers to host both at the White House (classy move, actually)
This story has nothing to do with race in America. It's 5 minutes have passed. Leave it before special-interest groups grab more headlines because of it. (Story)

3. Chinese buy French vineyards
Mixed thoughts on this one. Certainly the "Japanese are buying everything" stories were a big deal a few years ago. So is it really a Page 1 story to say that a rich country is buying international property? Not sure.... (Story)

4. People work from coffeehouses with their laptops
Yes, this is the main story on today's page 1. People use places with wifi as their offices. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh. (Story)

5. Lance Armstong might not win the Tour de France
Yes, he's one of the greatest athletes in the world, but who the fuck cares about the Tour de France, anyway? They don't even win single-handed - they do it in a group called a helipad or something... The Tour de France is classy Nascar. It's watching people doing nothing. It's like soccer - another sport we can safely ignore. (Story)
(Note: I actually like soccer a lot, but it was important to make my point).


Jess said...

You just hated on soccer...I don't think we can be friends anymore

George said...

This is why I get all my news from

Laura-loo said...


How can you be in to obscure sports (bocce ball) and hate on cycling?! In fact, they even talked about bocce during the coverage for the Tour de France!!

Jonathan Rubin said...

Wow.. my "write by the seat of my pants about something I have a strong opinion about but no nothing about" can't stand up to your actual knowledge of cycling. I surrender :)