Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In DC, we are all KGB

I got on the blue line today and saw a bunch of young 20-somethings in suits and little bow ties. I sat near them, removed my Ipod earphones, and waited for the goods.
I was listening for dirt to post on one of my favorite blogs, Spotted: DC Interns, which shares true tales about snot-nosed DC interns who think they rule the world but usually don't know squat.
I waited for the scoop. But none came - they were nice, cordial and respectful.
I realized that I was, in fact, an unwitting spy for the DC Interns blog. I was eavesdropping and going to tattle on them to the world.
I'm a tool.


George said...

My favorite Spotted: DC interns piece was about this guy who interned at Slate last year-posters were particularly amused by his 1992 Air Jordans and his incessant complaining that there weren't enough boxes of Spicy Guacamole Pringles in the break room.

Jess said...

Hahh I did that too the other day. And they ended up being really sweet guys, let me off the metro first and everything.

Jonathan Rubin said...

Geo, I don't think that intern was cool enough to wear Air Jordan. Plus, Pringles don't come in boxes.

George said...

Meant to say 'pre jordan' nikes

Pam said...