Friday, July 3, 2009

How bout them apples?

What do I see in the pic on the right?
Apples. I don't know what kind, or care. Sometimes it's fun not to know things, y'know?
Well, apparently a lot of people actually the difference between a Granny Smith and an Old Maid (OK, I made that up).
They were appalled with my ignorance, and the fact that I was eating a mealy Red Delicious (a.k.a. a "crap apple").
They drugged me, strapped me to a chair, pried open my eyes with apple seeds, and taught me the following:

Left to right, these apples are:
  • Golden Delicious, an excellent lunchbox apple, keeps well. Taste is sweet, light, refreshing.
  • Grannie Smith, a very tart apple, good for pies
  • Royal Gala, very sweet and "royal" tasting, sort of gala-esque (OK, I forgot what they told me about this one)
A employee that will remain nameless (we'll call him "here he is in the photo at left") did a taste test, and expounded in his usual fashion.
I noticed that the cut apples were browning (or oxidizing) at different rates, and he said that the sugars in the sweeter apples make them brown faster when exposed to air.
Isn't that special?
Also: All the apples were free, which made them even better.


Zeyev said...

Free? Well, there will be a charge - the bill's in the mail.

Jonathan Rubin said...

Oh Captain my Captain.... :)

Zeyev said...

Jon decided to preserve my anonymity but he posted my picture so I claim full responsibility for brandishing a knife and torturing the boy with the apples. We will "larn" him yet - the next step may be the difference between white and yellow peaches or between Bing and Rainier cherries. Stay tuned.

Warren Snaider

George said...