Thursday, June 25, 2009

Straights for Kathy Griffin!

This is one of my more unlikely posts. But I'm sort of / kind of / maybe a fan of Kathy Griffin.
Don't ask me why, but I inexplicably thought this red-haired Irishwoman was somehow Jewish. Kathy has carved out a pretty interesting niche for herself. She is your friend the gossip. She went to the party you didn't go to, and she unabashedly tells you the behind the scenes stuff. And she loves telling you stories about how she gets fucked over by Hollywood, which is always funny.
I just saw her at an outdoor concert in Maryland with Dianna. I have to give my girlfriend credit - her steady diet of Bravo TV paved the way for my understanding a few of Kathy's constant stream of celebrity jokes.
Kathy's got guts, though. It takes guts to make fun of Maya Angelou (or, as Kathy calls her, "the insufferable DOC-tuh Maya AN-gel-oooo).
The real reason, I guess, that I thought Kathy was Jewish was because she does the ADD storytelling thing so well: She starts to tell you that she's going to tell you a story, but then rewinds / fast-forwards to a different story, only to dovetail back later. Or not. It's fiendishly entertaining, even if you are fighting it. It's pixie stix humor.
She's kind of similar to Lisa Lampanelli (whom I also like), but, as D said, Kathy is smarter and she can do topical political humor.
Kathy said she "loves her gays" but did a shout out to "all four straight guys in the audience." I clapped widely.
Then she called us "fags." It was great.

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Jacob said...

Nice review! I actually got into Kathy about this time last year. We were on a Virgin Airlines trip to Seattle and the Bravo station on the plane kept replaying her show. Next week she's going to be hanging with Paris Hilton.