Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lightsaber safety

Part of my job is monitoring the Consumer Product Safety Council, a group that I post about occasionally. They are a government agency that finds products that are both dangerous and dangerously cute.
But what I didn't know about the CPSC is how inexplicably they are intertwined with my own life. During college summer break, I temped at global-toymaker Hasbro in Pawtucket, RI in 1999 or so. It was at the same time as the Star Wars Episode I release, so lightsaber fever was in the air. And Hasbro makes lightsabers, so I felt like a king.
But the lightsabers were faulty - a simple spring in them could overheat and cause a fire. So we were mailed out "repair kits" (a new spring with lengthy instructions) to everyone in the U.S. who wanted one. And who led this important crusde? The CPSC, naturally.
Think about it, though - what product needs safety precautions more than a frickin lightsaber? You wouldn't want one of these going off in your pocket during a classroom demonstration...


George said...

You felt like a king hocking a faulty product based on a movie that was universally panned?,,20041669_20041686_1169126_14,00.html

Personally my favorite job of yours from those days was Cumberland Farms, where you were not merely a temp but supreme ruler/overseer of mountain dew/actifed for 20-30 hours a week. Those were the days, until they installed security cameras that is.

George said...

Ha ha #3 on that list,,20041669_20041686_1169126_23,00.html