Sunday, June 21, 2009

The end of scalpers?

Probably not, but maybe the end of ticket window folk. These automatic ticket machines were outside Nationals Stadium in DC. Granted - this only works when there are tickets left over (i.e. not a good team like the Yankees or a Red Sox) but still... forward thinking!
And the Nats won 5-3. They are far better than our Wizards (record 0-39543) and they feature Ben's Chili Bowl as one of their food joints.


George said...

Nah, they've had those things at movie theaters for years. For some reason the public seems to hate using them. Although I suppose it does add to the embarrassment of being at a Nationals game to actually have to ask out loud for a ticket.

Dude you should totally do an interview thing on scalpers.

Dianna said...

I'll ready the bail money for when you get accidentally interview an undercover cop.

George said...

Yah but Diana once the cops start asking questions about Jon's unusually large stash of Gillette Mach 2 replacement blades the bail may jump up a bit.

Jonathan Rubin said...

Hands off my stash, punk.