Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The pain of it all

Injuries bring us all closer together. Especially silly ones, like kickball injuries.
The game yesterday started as normal, but after being tagged out at third one of our players plopped herself on the ground with a look of concern in her eye. I heard her tell her husband, "I'm not sure I can play anymore today."
I took the experience with the appropriate gravity.
"MEDIC!" I hollered jokingly.
"Do you want us to dedicate the game to you? Is your name Rudy?"
We had a good laugh, and she sat out the game with a leg injury of some sort.
And, wouldn't you know it, despite some stretches, I soon found myself in blinding pain in my right leg (the kicking one). At my next at bat I hobbled around the bases, and avoided getting tagged.
When we were finished losing 7-3, I started to drag myself towards the metro stop. I couldn't make it - it felt like my muscles were being pulled apart by tractor trailers. I couldn't even put my wallet in my shorts - anything that touched my leg burnt like Hellfire. I took a cab home. I did stretches in the backseat. The cabbie was kind not to notice.
Later, at Target, I used the cart to push myself around like a kid.