Monday, May 18, 2009

Lazy meal

I should be able to do better than this.... even though it was weeks ago.

This lunch involved:
(on plate)
Lay's BBQ Chips
Refried Beans
Two Chicken Dogs, cut lengthwise
(in Northwestern mug)
Leafy green salad

It tasted great, though. And I used the excess salt to build a scale miniature of the Sistine Chapel.


Ilan Goodman said...

Frankly, that is one of the healthier meals I've seen you eat.

Weren't there any cheez-its, doritos and three bottles of ketchup around?

George said...

Uh. you know that salt has a melting point of 801 degrees celsius right? Do you normally bring an industrial quality heavy duty heat gun to work? If so then I'm glad we don't work together.

Dianna said...

I like that you took great care to cut the hot dogs if that somehow classed it up a bit.