Friday, May 29, 2009

Incomprehensible government benefits

Government jobs appear to be very comfortable. They give you excellent health care, the option to telework, nice vacation packages, and the like.
But then the logic veers into the unknowable, because you have to pay for all sorts of strange things. That is to say - it's OK to charge taxpayers for our salaries, but the American citizen believes that government workers should have to pay for the following out of pocket:

1. Water cooler use ("Use it? Pay quarterly")
2. Office picnics ("This brisket ain't free..".)
3. Pizza lunches from fellow contract employees who work in your office ("Pay for that slice or it's a conflict of interest!")
4. Parties in general (must be potluck - almost nothing is catered)
5. Birthday cards for office workers!!!
6. Coffee!!!! Really.... no free office coffee. We have a list of who pays to drink!

I'm not really complaining, it just seems very strange.


Jess said...

I think it's super weird too....especially the water and coffee.

Zeyev said...

It's soooo kewt that the newbies are confused. But our ethics and procurement laws don't allow for lots of things that would elsewhere appear normal. The goal is to make us into "Caesar's wife," someone above suspicion. Do we succeed? Clearly, not always. But please keep that goal in mind when you look at the strangeness in certain matters.