Friday, May 8, 2009

Holocaust Deniers on Facebook (and other fun topics)

1. A Facebook group you've never heard of

CNN had an article today about efforts to pull Holocaust-denying groups from Facebook. Like the cheerily named Holocaust is a Holohoax. Mixing Holocaust denial and Facebook is like mixing orange juice with vinegar - it's an eye-opening combination that you never thought you'd ever see. I give props to people who will publicly connect their FB profile with a hate site - that takes guts, and they must either really, really believe this junk or they must be stupid.
In either case, I don't believe Facebook should bow to this pressure. I believe it's better to leave these groups out in the open where then can be ridiculed. Check out the comments - this is exactly what's happening now. I think this is a far better idea than banning all sorts of Nazism in Germany, where it will undoubtedly fester and group stronger as "repressed minorities" often do.

2. Kickballers destroy a urinal
Remember when it used to be about the kickball?

DCKickball-Penn Quarter

Scott (our league coordinator) was informed by the owner of Penn
Quarter Sports Tavern that last night someone in the mens room thought
it would be funny to try and remove the urinal from the wall and then
headbutt the wall. Due to this childish behavior the mens room now
only has one working toilet.

There is a possibility that is was not a kickballer, however, we make
up a large portion of their business on the nights that we play so
it’s very likely it was in fact one of us.

If anyone is caught vandalizing the bar they will be held personally
responsible for all damages and will be kicked out of DCKickball, for
good, not just for the season. We are guests in this bar and need to
act as such. If you wouldn’t do something to your own home don’t do it
at the bar, and if you don’t have enough common sense to figure out
what you should and shouldn’t be doing then ask someone who is more
sober than you are. If this type of behavior continues we run the risk
of losing our sponsor bar and this affects not only you all but two
other divisions that consist of 43 teams combined.

Please don’t make me send out any more messages where I sound like a
mom. I’d much rather be flipping cups and drinking with you all
instead of sending out nasty grams.

3. Swine Flu already is passe
Someday we will see a "charticle" explaining different pandemic scares throughout history, and there will be a little one for "The Swine Flu Panic of 2008." We will have to tell our kids we refused to shake hands with people, avoided eating pork, watched in puzzlement as Egypt slaughtered their hogs, and that we basically had a good laugh while people predicted the death of all human life.


Zeyev said...

1. A Facebook group you've never heard of

Mixed feelings on my part - but, then again, I'm not as nice as you.

2. Kickballers destroy a urinal
Remember when it used to be out the kickball?

This could explain your coming into work and complaining about "kickball" injuries. Tell us, young'un, what DO you remember about Tuesday night?

3. Swine Flu already is passe

Did you really say "2008"? See above and ask if you know what year it is? [LOL]

Jonathan Rubin said...

My bad - 2008. How nice to have a blog editor!

Jonathan Rubin said...

I meant Swine Flu Panic of 2009. Drinking caffeine.... now.