Friday, May 8, 2009

A history of me... through e-mail accounts

Just like SEEING SOMEONE TYPING IN ALL CAPS MEANS THEY ARE EITHER OLD OR IMBALANCED, so too can "e-mail archeology" (patent pending), or the study of a person based on their email accounts, reveal things about them. Observe:

1992 - AOL email account. Get nothing but spam. Barely use email at all in high school.
1995 - No email account in use. Go to Israel with youth program and only 50% of the kids have email addresses to put down in the yearbook.
1996 - Get a University of Rhode Island email account. It languishes.
1998 - Pegasus account in England. It was like Outlook only much, much worse.
2000 - Get Yahoo account. Think it would be funny to name it after the comic strip "Funky Winkerbean." No one gets the reference.
2001 - Get Yahoo address at RI Jewish Herald.
2002 - Get Jewish Federation in RI email account, which I use almost exclusively for next four years because I don't have internet at home
2005 - Attempt to get Gmail account but can't because only a "friend of a friend" can give you one. Create Yahoo account for myself - include my name and RI in it. Am surprised how quickly I regret this. Delete Funky Winkerbean address.
2006 - Get Gmail account for myself.
2007 - Get Northwestern grad school email account despite protest. Use Yahoo address mostly for spam / site registration. Briefly have address and a Gmail address for my work at Huffington Post.
2008 - Get Cascades email address (as contractor for U.S. government)
2009 - Get U.S. government email account

Hmm... I give myself partial credit for this exercise - almost interesting.

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Zeyev said...

My, my. Does "anal retentive" have a hyphen?

In the late 80's, a few of us had a dial-in e-mail service through an office in San Francisco. Nobody else in our agency had access and we alone had PC's at our desks. I would go to meetings with people who had DARPA accounts with eddresses ten miles long (or longer) and had no idea what they were talking about.

Later, when we got "real" e-mail here, they fixed it so that we could not send anything to just anybody. We could, however, respond to anybody. So we had to get outsiders to e-mail us and we could then hold on to their message.

I have used the same account since the early 90's. You wanted proof that I was booooooring and I gave it to you.