Friday, May 29, 2009

Favorite video games.... ever

My gaming partner Geo and I composed this list of video games that have given us untold hours of enjoyment over the course of our 16-year friendship.
These are not mere games - they are a revered canon. If you love video games, you know exactly what this means. You have played until your hands were numb, your eyes twitched and your breathing was labored and wheezy. The sun will set and rise, but the game remains, undefeated, until you kill that final boss and pass the hell out, mostly happy with your labors. You find some occasional faults with both the game and your skill at playing it, and you salute your inhuman endurance. Then you don't mention it for about four years. Or till the sequel.

Oblivion (above)
Metal Gear Solid
Resident Evil 2
Betrayal at Krondor
Wizardry 7
Wizardry 8
Civilization 2
Age of Empires
Soviet Strike
Nuclear Strike (at left)
Final Fantasy 3
Street Fighter II
Might and Magic V
Project Overkill
Scorched Earth (original PC version)


George said...

I hope some other gaming nerds besides me read your blog-I want to see some credit given for you listing Krondor-the world's most obscure computer game. (Although remember Josh Morgenstein beat it about 6 months before we had ever heard of it.)

Wizardry 7 has to be in the running for the best ever since it was how our dynamic duo began--and Ratsputin is the best video game character ever next to the wealthy crab merchant and M'aiq the liar.

Add scorched earth (old non crappy version) to the list.

Jonathan Rubin said...

Added :) And I'm trying to get readers, but I don't know how to "pimp" my blog...