Friday, May 1, 2009

Catching up on bloggin

1. In honor of the release of Wolverine this weekend, I smoked my nice $8 Georgetown cigar. The photo at right is a photographic achievement: it was taken on my awful camera phone, without a flash, at night, in the rain. I can see why people like stogies - they are a great way to unwind after a tough day. And you feel sort of badass and like a grandfather at the same time. This cigar was an Ashton - medium blend.

2. I wasn't happy when I heard that Skokie Illinois recently opened a Holocaust Museum. Here's why: I spent a little time in Skokie, as it's right next to Northwestern. They chose Skokie for the site because it's has a very high number of Holocaust survivors, and this is why there was a famous Nazi rally there (and a much more famous anti-Nazi rally, and a landmark Supreme Court decision). Oblig: I hate Illinois Nazis.
The reason why I was unhappy is that Skokie is pretty much a pit. The Jewish institutions are all falling by the wayside - all the restaurants and bagel shops and Jewish businesses are shuttering. The main drag reminded me of a faded sign for a World's Fair. I thought it was selfish that Skokie should spent all of it's resources to build a Holocaust museum for a Jewish community that is, by all appearances, on it's way out. And the U.S. already *has* a worldclass Holocaust musem in DC - why compete with that? It just seemed selfish.
My friend Ilan, however, showed me the error of my ways: The Holocaust museum isn't for the Jews, he said - it's for everyone. Ahaaa....

3. Passed my final security clearance here at GSA... Seven months later. I can only imagine what it must be like for people who actually have access to secret stuff.

4. Absolutely and totally obsessed with the Wire. Still on season II, which I hear is the weakest season. But not so weak that I didn't watch it for 3 hours last night. Netflix really lets you catch up in a hurry... It's good to have "my shows" after so many years of TV hating...


Dianna said...

I leave the apartment for three days and this picture is what happens?

I'll be back Monday. The damage can be undone.


Zeyev said...

It's = it is.

Just saying.

Yes, I am mean.

Dianna said...

I second that, Warren.