Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea baggin'

I like political activism. I even like it when it's basically people taking orders from someone they don't know, usually via email or a website, for some cause.
But for some reason I find this new trend - sending tea bags to government agencies and elected representatives, to be kind of silly. It just feels manufactured and orchestrated rather than grassroots or spontaneous.
On the left is a picture of a letter we received at GSA. I hid the return address to protect the identity of the sender. Someone mailed a Lipton Tea Bag - and nothing else. Also, the American flag is turned upside-down and slightly tilted, which apparently is also part of the message.
But then again, making I'm just hatin' on it because it's hating on my boss.

Lame note: These postings are my own and do not necessarily represent GSA's positions, strategies or opinions.


Jacob said...

Nah, you are not biased. IMHO it's recycled like when people sent peanuts to CBS execs who canceled Jericho:

That made some sense and even though I understand the symbolism, it's kinda pointless to send here as last time I checked we don't make tax laws. The only good it does is line the coffers of the people at Lipton and other tea companies. I'm not sure if that'll help Wall Street though.

Zeyev said...

But I liked Jericho [whine, whine]. No I did NOT send peanuts - I dealt with the fact that the shows I like are often canceled.

And that's sort of my issue here. We elected a new government. This new government may be making errors and may simply do things with which we don't agree. Hearkening back to the violent overthrow of the British imperial overlords is not - IMHO - a good way to encourage dialogue on whether we are now pursuing a good path.

I have pontificated. And fussed.

George said...

THEY SENT LIPTON!! 18th century types would be disgusted at their lack of taste in tea.