Friday, April 24, 2009

Shep Smith's Greatest Bloopers

I possess an unhealthy hatred for Fox News Anchor Shepard Smith. Why? Because he, along with fellow blowhard Rush Limbaugh, uses the cheapest debate trick ever - if you are losing your argument, just get angry and people will think that you are "righteously indignant." If you outshout someone, like Bill O'Reilly does on a regular basis, you dwarf what they have to say and make them seem insignificant, even if what you are saying is garbage.

That's what Shep Smith does here, when he drops the F-Bomb. So let's keep the ball rolling with a group of Shep's greatest F-ups:

Shep Smith and the "BJ" reference
Shep Smith and the "C" word
Shep Smith flips out on an interviewee
Shep Smith yells at another interviewee

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