Monday, April 27, 2009

Kishka: The Health Disaster

It's strange how delicacies can often double as extreme health hazards. You may have heard of kishka / kishke, but you probably haven't, it's sort of like haggis - innards stuffed with meat, like an inside-outside tasty animal. One thing I didn't know when I grabbed a few for Passover was what sort of nutrients / fat was going on here. The casing had nothing - the website of the manufacturer had nothing.
I emailed the blogger at, and they sent me nutritional screenshots from another site. While this seemed a little odd, I got the news (at right). Amazingly, this strange stuffed meat product was not, in fact, healthy (see right).
They were also kind enough to send me some kishka recipes for people without crock pots, or who buy them frozen. These people are known as "non-Orthodox Jews."
I still haven't been able to find a single frozen kishka recipe... even from the company that makes them.

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Zeyev said...

But did the fat-bomb put a smile on your face, boychik?

I can hear it now - - - "He died happy! And look at those nice round cheeks. Such a healthy young man"