Monday, April 13, 2009

The Word or the Edited Word?

USA Today had a great op-ed today called Fightin' words: Is the Bible the literal word of God, or a historical compilation written by different people in different situations over a period of years?
It was a great op-ed for me, because I've been examining this issue for some time. In Judaism, this idea has been brought up by Jewish greats from time to time, most famously by Spinoza and even, I believe, Maimonides.
This issue came up in Judaism in a big way in 2002, when the Conservative movement released its new edition of the Etz Hayim Humash (The Torah / Five Books of Moses). The book was extremely controversial because this holy book, an official commentary on the Torah by one of the three-largest Jewish denominations in the country, said that the Torah was a man-made product. Divinely inspired, perhaps, but composed by a group of editors in different historical periods. And, what's more, the use of certain words, tenses, and locations in the text of the Torah / Bible appears to back up this "layered" theory.
More when I have time.....

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