Monday, March 9, 2009

When celebrities make us stupid

I need to catch my breath. I have been running around the building with my other (female) coworkers, trying to get a glimpse of 1/2 of Bradgelina. She's filming a movie here.
It occurs to me to ask: Why? Why is she worth this attention? I think she's attractive, sure - but not enough for me to read celebrity news on her or anything. I didn't even see her in Tomb Raider, and I walked out of Beowulf even though she's half nude in it.
As I ate my salami sandwich in the hallway today, ready to dart to a window for a view at any moment, one theory emerged: Celebrities are unique. They are the only ones of their particular species, and the last that will ever exist. Every celebrity, therefore, is an endangered species. Some, like polar bears, we really care about. Others, like naked mole rats, are sort of oddities that don't matter too much one way or the other (like most American Idol winners). So when we see Angelina making a movie outside our building, it's like we've witnessed the last dodo before they walked off the extinction cliff. We were there - we saw them with our eyes. And then we went back to work.

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Pharaohmagnetic said...

Your office seems a lot like the one portrayed on a certain hit television series:

Kelly: Oh my God. I have so much to tell you!

Jim Halpert: Really?

Kelly: Yes! Tom Cruise and Kakie Holmes, they had a baby and they named it Suri and then Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, they had a baby too and they named it Shylo and both babies are AMAZING!

Jim Halpert: Great. What's new with you?

Kelly: I just told you.

Zeyev said...

I'm sorry I missed you and your groupies running around like the maniacs I know you can be. It sure beats being a boring bureaucrat, don't it?