Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Over the weekend, I bowled:
an 84, followed by
a 174, followed by
a 124.
Average score: 130-something, I'd guess. None too shabby.
Virginia is a strange place to bowl. You can still smoke in the bowling alleys, and they had a cop walk around and I people on the lanes who were drinking beer.
The whole thing reminded me of a one-credit college course I took: Bowling. We had a written final. People drank and bowled. We were "Team Brunswick."


Dianna said...

Actual average score: 127.333

Math. For. Journalists.

Jonathan Rubin said...

Sometimes, calculators are too heavy.

George said...

I found this blog to be...Foxemnic. Foxemnic in the greatest sense of the word. Which is Foxemnity.