Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to eat cheap at a buffet

Sadly, most buffets are not all-you-can-eat. You have to pay them by item or by ounce. If you're a guy like me, you need to eat a good deal to get full, and this can get expensive fast. Here's how to do it cheaply.

Sushi - won't fill you up, which in this case is a bad thing
Meat with bones in it
Heavy sauces - skim that shit off unless you plan to drink it later

Good bets:
Boneless chicken / tofu
Veggie eggrolls
Caeser salad - protein and vitamins, and a light dressing
Steamed veggies
Largely pointless blog posts.....


Zeyev said...

Pointless? Not if talks about food! Blog on!

Dianna said...

You might want to rethink that Caesar salad comment...