Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Sweet Potato of Hope

I knew a girl once who found garbage to be inspirational. We were walking along a dirty street and I made a disparaging comment about the litter. She told me that she enjoyed garbage - all the varied textures and colors they brought onto an otherwise drab street.
I've found the same joy from a potato. I bought it with the intention to eat it, and to learn to how to cook it so I can eat it. I put it on top of the fridge, and there it lay for months. I found it again, and it had begun to sprout. I was impressed how, despite my neglect, the potato was struggling for life. Out of it grew stalks, and leaves bent towards the sun. A smile grows on me every morning when I look at it. Go potato, go!


Greg Trotter said...

please keep your readers updated on the sweet potato's progress.

Zeyev said...

Like Jonah, I grieve for the sweet potato that I did not foster. RIP.

And for you other readers, I have already tried to help Mr. Rubin fully appreciate the difference between the sweet potato (a member of the morning glory family) and the potato (a member of the nightshade family). Botany ain't his forte.