Friday, February 27, 2009

Simply delightful

I read the newspaper comics as often as humanly possible. They are what got me interested in newspapers in the first place. A coworker forwarded me a link to the online comic of Dick Tracy, the 131-year-old detective with a chiseled jaw and metal hip. (Click on the strip for better reading.)

Far more interesting then these three bland panels are the comments below it:

marktrail says:
Good point. A woman is burning. And Det. Tracy is worried about miles per gallon?

Gweedo Murray says:
Who’s the cops who wont come out when there’s fire all about..♪♫
~ They’ll give you the’Shaft’, can you dig it?


MST3K's "mock all media" philosophy finds its zenith on the internets.

(Sidenote: The paper still rules for the funnies, because it's too time consuming to go to all of their individual websites, with some exceptions: I often follow Slate into Doonesbury, and check out Dilbert on his site. Lastly, web comics eschew the printed form, so Penny Arcade is a revered stop 3x a week.)

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