Tuesday, February 3, 2009

anime emoticons are cooler than you (are)

This is a real gem. My super-smart friend Deb (who just got into UC Berkley for her PhD in Chemistry!!!!!!!!!) shared her kick-ass bevy of anime emoticons with me. They are so fresh they feel like illegal imports. I now share their awesomeness with you: ^_^

deborah's emoticons 101

Definitely my favorite: Smiley face!
Teehee! or "I'm winking at you"
>_< "Oh doh!" or frustrated
Annoyed or frustrated
Uhh, what?
Whoops... Or "sweatdrop…"
The cutesy-Asian picture pose.

And not that I use this one, but it's definitely a winner!
<(-'.'-<) (>-'.'-)>Kirby dance!

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