Monday, February 23, 2009

I enjoy being fingerprinted by the Federal government

Actually, I do.
Maybe it's because I'm a guy and I have a love for all things cop-ish or CSI-esque. Maybe I love it because being fingerprinted for security clearance makes you seem important. Or maybe I just like leaving stains on people like in those Cheetos commercials.
In any case, I've had it done twice as part of my job.
The first time was the old "book 'em Dano," ink on hands method. A nice guy mechanically pushes my fingers one by one into ink and then rolled them on a sheet. Tada! The federal government now has my prints on file, being a criminal is no longer a career option.
Then today was phase 2: digital scanning. I put my fingers on a credit-card sized scanner screen and one by one they scanned 'em in.


Dianna said...

You would.

Greg Trotter said...

the criminal in me would not be down with that.

of course, i probably wouldn't get the job in the first place, so it works out.