Saturday, February 7, 2009

Go Charleston!!!

Just had a great two-day vacation in Charleston, SC. Never been, can't wait to go back. Pics to come, but here are my tweets from the road. Dianna seems more accepting of these diversions now :)

• On the road to charleston sc for winter getaway. Any ideas for must see stuff? Thanx. 6:54 PM Feb 5th from txt (Note: Nobody answered with any advice. Tweeter gets a demerit, or I don't have enough friends obsessed with it)

• Gas lamps, palm trees, southern accents - chucktown rocks 5:46 PM Feb 6th from txt

• Palm trees in the parking lot. Adventures of milo. Fountains aren't frozen. Shorts! about 11 hours ago from txt

• 66 degrees. No coats. Grits are fantastic - the two yutes! about 8 hours ago from txt

• Architecture is universal - british gas lights, new orleans trellises, n.e. Clapboard houses about 8 hours ago from txt

• King st is a tad too pretentious. Meeting and broad sts are a blast. Wet willies serves a devastating dacquiri called "call a cab". ... about 5 hours ago from txt

• Days inn costs more than a holiday inn - huh? Luckily, restaurant sodas only cost a buck. about 5 hours ago from txt

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Greg Trotter said...

yeah, you went to wet willies! nice, man. did you guys make it to the blind tiger? i look forward to the pics.