Friday, January 30, 2009

A little long in the lungs

I have a superpower: My lungs are abnormally long. Not "down to my feet" long but longer than average. On the occasion that I need to get a chest xray, they need to do it in two parts.
This has always seemed like a pretty cool ability - being able to hold my breath a few seconds longer than most people. It's ironic, of course, because I have athsma. That's sort of like having your superpower and your superweakness are the same think (like if Green Lantern's ring was made of Kryptonite... and he was allergic to Kryptonite too...).
Anyway, D mentioned to me recently that not of my T shirts fit very well. They are all mediums, so I went and bought larges. Still, when I yawn they ride up. Which brings me to a strange thought: Do I, a mere 5"10 inches tall, need to shop at a Tall Men's Store? Do I need a 32 long?
Gripping revelations, really.....

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Ilan Goodman said...

No, its like if Green Lantern's ring was yellow. Or if the sun, which gives Superman his strength, was itself made of kryptonite.