Sunday, January 4, 2009

Git-tar: Week two

Dianna was kind enough to buy me a guitar for Chrismukkah. Recalling the lessons of my venerable guitar master, G.O., I purchased the equally venerable and equally difficult Mel Bay's Guitar Method book. It is HARD. Learning how to read and play music is a completely different experience. I can actually feel my brain flexing like a muscle, crying for relief after a brutal workout and... um... shooting steroids before a big gig, or something. My fingers are tough enough now that playing doesn't hurt anymore, and I can play the first five strings. Amazingly, I've been playing every single day, without exception. Very happy.
Walking to work, I heard a song on my Ipod and I felt a strange feeling in my fingers... as if I was seeing the notes (and the guitar, frets and fingers that made them) in my mind. It was like some long dormant part of my musical DNA said, "Hey, you can make music like that!"

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